So, I thought I might try a blog. This won’t necessarily be a dialy blog, in fact, it necessarily won’t be a daily blog. Aside from the fact that I really don’t have much to say, I oft spend time in places I can’t get online, and I’m kinda lazy.

First off, the spacebug moniker. That was hung on me by a musician friend a few years back. The Eclectic Amalgamated SpaceBug Experience is the name of my band, or would be if I had a band. (I’m not a real musician, but I play one on gigs. -bonus points if you’re old enough to get the commercial reference). Two of my brothers and I were in studio to add a few bits to another friends album. The studio owner ‘had’ to take a picture of the three of us. At that time, I was sporting a one year old beard which had just about reached ZZ Top proportions. Epic photo. A large print hangs in that studio to this day. I had on a low-hung hat and sunglasses enlisting the comment “he looks like a little spacebug”.

Some other friends had a weekly gig which I often attended. When I shaved the beard off a few months later (I saw my shadow) and walked in to their gig, one promptly blew the vocal line.  Shock value is my friend at times.